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How do I get started?

Simply sign-up with Facebook. You will immediately be directed to the comparison screen. There you will be asked to compare couples of users and pick your preferred one by double-tapping on her/him. Keep comparing and your matches will appear after other people have also ranked you. Please note, although we upload your Facebook profile pic as the first pic in your profile, feel free to visit the profile page and update your first pic and your profile.

What are the main screens of the app?

The app is very simple. There is a settings page where you set your age/location restrictions, your notification settings, and so on. There is a profile page where you can build your profile. The core of the app is the comparison screen, where you are shown two users at a time and are asked to choose one of them. Finally, there is the match screen that contains all your matches. Go on the match page to start chatting with your matches.

Why does Pear need to access Facebook information?

When signing in with Facebook, we will access important information such as name and age. We do this in order to ensure that the information everyone provides is reliable. Moreover, we anonymize the information we collect and use it to create a behavioral report that gives subscribing users feedback on their attractiveness.

How does the comparison screen work?

We show you two profiles at the time, and we expect you to decide with each profile which you prefer among the two users. To express the preference for a user, simply double-tap on the user’s picture! The persons not selected will remain in your ranking and you could still be matched with them. To eliminate someone from your ranking, you hold and swipe out the profile. In that instance you will not see them again and you will not be able to match with them. Your preferences are private and are displayed to your matches.

Why do I keep seeing the same profiles in the comparison screen?

Our algorithm keeps track of your preferences, basically ranking all previously seen users from the one you like most to the one you like least. When you are shown a new person, in order to determine his or her ranking, you need to compare this person with people you have already ranked. Think about having a deck of cards ordered from the one you like most to the one you like least. Then a new card is dealt to you and you need to put it in that deck at the right place. To do so, you’ll need to compare the new card with other cards already in the deck. Get it?

“There is nobody around you?” How can I solve this problem?

This means that there are no new users available in the area you selected. To solve this problem, you can try to change the age and the distance restrictions. Also, try and reload the screen. If this all fails, come back later. New users are continuously joining.

How can I talk to someone?

It is possible to chat with a user only IF the algorithm matches you with that person. That way, we make sure that the set of people who can message you is limited and selected.

Why are my matches divided between “Stable” and “Expiring”?

A match is a match, whether it is stable or expiring. However, there are two main differences between stable and expiring matches. Firstly, while stable matches are stable, your expiring matches will expire after a week! Secondly, stable matches are your TOP matches and they are suggested by the Algorithm. While there is a limited number of stable matches, FIVE currently, you can have at each point in time, the number of expiring matches is not bound and is populated by all stable matches that become unstable. In fact, initially all new matches are stable, but then some (or all of them) can be replaced by other stable matches (for you or your partner) and turn into expiring matches.

Why do you let some matches expire?

We let matches expire in order to keep everyone’s activity on the app focused on a limited set of people, those you like most and those who like you the most. We believe that this is important to increase the value of your matches.

A match has expired, how can I recover it?

Once a match has expired is not possible to recover it. We encourage you to move the action offline with those expiring matches that you want to preserve.

I have a match and I want to look at his/her profile again, how can I do it?

It is possible to look at the user’s profile again by clicking on their picture.

One of the matches received is not behaving appropriately, how can I report it?

It is possible to report a user by opening the chat with him, clicking the dots on the top right corner and select report. You can then decide on the reason why you want to report the user and proceed.

How can I add/change pictures?

By default, we upload your public Facebook profile pic as the first pic. You can add pictures directly from your camera roll. It is possible to add a maximum of 5 pictures. To do this, go on your profile page and click on “Add Photo” to upload a new pic or click on an existing pic to change it to a different one! You can delete pictures by clicking on a picture and then on “Delete Photo”. Your first picture can only be replaced.

Why should I post more than one picture?

Data show that users with a high number of pictures on their profile have higher chances of being selected when compared to others.

Why should I fill my profile with some description of myself?

The same data above show that users with a full profile have higher chances of being selected in a comparison.

How can I restrict the age and distance of the users I am interested in?

You can change these features in the settings’ page, adjusting the age bar and the distance bar according to your preferences.

Can I change my first name, age or gender?

This information is taken from your Facebook profile, so no, it is not possible to change it without changing your Facebook profile. We do not disclose any information regarding your last name. If your Facebook profile does not contain that information, you will be asked to input it at the sign-up point and there will be no further opportunity to change it without deleting and recreating the account.

Can I change my location?

At present, it is not possible to change or input your location. It will be automatically detected by your phone’s GPS. You may be unable to use the app if you deny access to your location when the App is in use.

What about notifications?

We ask permission to deliver notifications when you first sign in. We strongly encourage to keep your notifications on. If you turn off notifications you will not be notified when you receive a new message or a new match. If you turn down our request but later change your mind, you will need to activate notifications from your phone settings. You can always temporarily deactivate notifications using the setting screen within the app.

Is it possible to use the app offline?

No, it is not possible to use the app offline, as it will not be possible to chat with other users or find new users to compare.

Can I hide my account?

Yes! If you don’t want to use the account for a while, you can hide your profile from the settings screen. In that case, you will not appear to possible new matches. You will only remain visible to the people that have you already in their ranking and to your current matches (unless you un-match them of course). If you hide your profile you will not be able to perform further comparisons.

Why sign in through Facebook?

We require you to sign in with Facebook as it reduces the creation of fake accounts and keeps everybody safer. We do NOT ask permission to post on your Facebook page and we will not do that.

Why do you need to track my location?

The app works by showing you nearby people. To provide that service, we need to access your location. The location we record is approximate and we only track your location while the app is being used. Otherwise, pear app will use the last location recorded.

Why does pear need to access Facebook information?

When signing in with Facebook, we will access important information such as name and age. We do this in order to ensure that the information everyone provides is reliable. Moreover, we use the information to improve your experience within the app.

How does pear treat my personal information?

Simple, we only use your data to improve your experience and we do not share your personal details with commercial partners. Whenever you delete your account, we delete all information we have about you, except for your name, a link to your Facebook page and your email. To learn about what we do with personal information, please read our Privacy Policy.

How do I delete my account?

Deleting your account is easy. Just go to settings, scroll down and click on the “Delete Your Account” button. We would be sorry to see you leave, but we hope it would be because you found your “pear”! Note that deletion cannot be undone and you will lose all your matches.

What are the norms that regulate the interaction between me and the rest of the community?

Norms are pretty standard and there will be no surprise for you. Mostly, we require you to respect all members of our community. Upon sign-up, you must agree to our Terms & Condition, which you should consult for details.

What is the minimum age requirement?

Pear users must be 18 or over.

Can I select the gender I’m interested in?

Yes and No. Unfortunately, the algorithm requires participating users to be divided in two sides. If in Facebook you are classified as male or female, you will only be able to search for people of the opposite sex. However, if Facebook does not classify you as male or female, you will be given the option to select whether you want to search for males or females.
Despite, the technical limitations of the algorithm, we welcome everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, to join our community and use the app. Right now, we are working on creating a new non-binary algorithm. So stay tuned!

I want to leave some comments or share some questions how can I do it?

From within the app, you have to go in “Settings”. Under the section “Support and Feedback”, select “Leave feedback” if you want to let us know what you think about us or if you have any suggestions. Selecting “Support” will bring you back to this page. You can also write to us at

If you have other questions, or other technical issues, please contact us at