Introducing pear

The number of dating apps on the market has exponentially increased in the last few years, so we wouldn't be surprised if you were wondering: why another one?

We created pear because we knew we could do better. We don’t match you with someone just because they liked your profile, we don’t give you a list of possible matches just because you have some common interests and we don’t allow users to send you thousands of messages without your consent.

Using your input and a Nobel-Prize-winning algorithm developed by the mathematicians Gale and Shapley, we create matches the smart way. While you use the app, we generate a preference ranking of the users you compare. We know who you like more and, more importantly, who likes you the most. The matches the app creates are proved to be the best ones you can receive at that moment, according to your ranking and the other users’ rankings. Make sure you engage in conversation with them to see if you are truly compatible!

This idea was born when Daniele Condorelli, economics professor and our scientist in residence, booked an Airbandb in San Francisco and met the host, David Petersen, entrepreneur. The rest, as they say, is history.

pear is the result of smart ideas, the hard work of many people, a bit of luck and a lot of dedication. Everything we’ve done in the past months, we’ve done with YOU in mind, to create an easy-to-use and yet efficient app to help you to find your perfect “pear”.

We hope you will enjoy using the app as much as we enjoyed developing it.