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About pear


Pear is a social networking application that lets you meet potential partners. We collect information from users and use it to pear them in an optimal way.


We don’t make you swipe left or right. We find out who you like, who you like less and who you like the most. We do so by asking you to compare not one but two potential partners each time, and select one among them.

Nobel Matches

Matches are found using a Nobel prize winning algorithm, developed by mathematicians David Gale and Lloyd Shapley --- published in a work that they titled, we kid you not, "The Stability of Marriage".

For you

If you are tired of apps that match you with people who aren't really interested in you, that don't message you back, then pear is for you. We create matches that matter.
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Know yourself

Besides helping you making new friends, we want to improve your knowledge about what you like and what others think about you.
pear report The pear report

Periodically, we will provide you with an individual report that will inform you of your own tastes and of how you score with people of the other sex.

Support us

Pear is free but please note, our individual reports will be made available to those with a premium membership. We value you using our product but we would also love your support.


Matches that matter.

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Where can I download Pear?

Pear is currently available for download only in test-mode. Fill in the form to be invited to test the application and be notified of when we launch in your city. We are coming soon! 

Why sign in through Facebook?

We require you to sign up with Facebook as it drastically reduces the number of fake accounts.

How do I personalize my profile?

Once you sign up you’ll be directed to the profile page. You can then upload up to 5 pictures and edit your bio. Your name and age will be displayed automatically.

Why am I asked to look at two profiles of potential partners at once?

Let’s say you are showed Charlie and Jessie. When you click on the Pear icon in Jessie’s pic, you are telling us that you like Jessie more than Charlie. By asking you to perform more comparisons, we can figure out who you like more from who you like less. The more you compare, the more we learn about you, the more your matches improve. So keep comparing!

Why do I have a fixed number of matches?

We want to create matches that matter. We don’t match you with just about anyone that likes you and you like back. We pair you with the selected few you like the most, that also like you back.

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